TUNES: Precious Things, Awake, Far From Here, Nostalgia, Nel, Floating, There Is No Greater Love, Paint Your Life

PERSONNEL: Dario Chiazzolino – electric guitar / acoustic guitar, Taylor Eigsti – piano, Marco Panascia – double bass, Willie Jones III – drums

After listening to Dario's top-flight guitar work on an earlier CD, and the review I wrote for it, it's little wonder the promoter sent me this new release.  All originals, except for "There Is No Greater Love", this one takes me back to the kind of enthusiasm I had for this kind of music when I first started listening to jazz (way back in the 1960's).  Dario is (easily) able to wrap you right into his string spell... you won't go looking through the record racks any time soon, as you'll be so absorbed with his excellent and expressive playing that you won't be able to do anything else for a good long while.  Eigsti's piano is superb, & in fact, all the players are sensitive to the mood(s)... you don't often get to hear such unity... I can say (without qualification) that this CD is already my favorite guitar jazz album (yet) for 2015.  The track titled "Awake" gives you that feeling you get when you're just rising to a brand new brightness, and will keep you energized for the whole morning!  Of the eight tunes offered up, it was the vibrant energy and pace on "Floating" that got my vote for personal favorite... if you don't purchase any other music in 2015 - GET this one!  I give Dario a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an "EQ" (energy quotient) of a (perfect) 5.00... which means that it's also a "PICK" for "best guitar jazz"! 

Dick Metcalf

CD review from Volume 41, No. 2: April, May, June,
2015 issue


ARTIST:  Dario Chiazzolino
TITLE: Paint Your Life

LABEL: Tu Kool