New Albums Received

Albums Received July 2019.

Cadence Media receives far more CDs that we can review each issue. We do however, listen to each CD and in many cases, designate the release with one of the following symbols.
+ a must for your record collection
* of special interest
Lack of an asterisk or plus sign is not a reflection on the artist, only that the album did not stand out as remarkable which is no easy feat to accomplish. 

Here are some other titles that we listened to:

+ Courvoisier - Feldman - Time Gone Out,  Intakt Records

+ Pastor Donald Gay  - On a Glorious Day, The Sirens

* Aki Takase - Hokusai Piano Solo,  Intakt Records

* Angelika Niescier - New York Trio, Intakt Records

* Avishai Cohen / Yonathan Avishai - Playing The Room, ECM

* Bud Tristano, Kazzrie Jaxen - Lenapewiattuck - River of the Lenape,  New Artists

* Casey Abrams - Jazz, Chesky Records

* Coleman Hawkkins et al - Jazz at the Philharmonic Live in Amsterdam: 

* Coniege Washington - Shades of Shirley Horn, (self-produced)

* Daniel Carter, Julian Priester, Reggie Sylvester, et al - Live Constructions,  SLAM

* David Haney - Birth of a City, Big Round Records

* Dexter Gordon - In the Cave, Netherlands jazz archief

* Doug MacDonald - California Quartet, dmacmusic

* Ellen Kirkwood - Sirens Big Band - [A}part  earshift music

* Elsa Harris - I Thank God, The Sirens

* Enrico Rava /Joe Lovano - Roma, ECM

* Eric Alexander - Leap of Faith, Giant Step Arts

* Ethan Iverson Quartet with Tom Harrell - Common Practice​ ECM

* Evan Parker, Matthew Wright et al. - Trance Map+  Intakt Records

* Eyal Vilner Big Band - Swing Out!  (self-produced)

* George Haslam - Nikolas Skordas - Lethe-Ahoh, SLAM

* Gianluigi Trovesi/Gianni Coscia - La misteriosa musica della Regina Loana, ECM

* Greta Matassa -  Portrait,  Origin Records
* Ingrid Laubock - Contemporary Chaos Practices, Intakt Records

* JD Allen - Barracoon,  Savant Records

* Jerry Bergonzi - The Seven Rays, Savant Records

* Joao Pedro Viegas - Unknown Shores, Amirani Records

* John Yao's Triceratops,  How We Do, See Tao Recordings

* Jordon Dixon - On! (self-produced)

* Joshua Catania - Open to Now,  Shifting Paradigm Records

* Kaja Draksler - Punkt.Vrt.Pastik, Intakt Records

* King Louie Organ Trio - It's About Time, Shoug Records

* Lamu - Live at Lamantin Jazz Festival,  El Negocito Records

* Larry Fuller - Overjoyed,  Capri Records, Ltd

* Luke Gillespie - Moving Mists,  Patois Records

* Marco Ambrosini & Ensemble Supersonus - Resonances, ECM Records

* Maria Farantouri / Cihan Türkoğlu - Beyond The Borders, ECM Records

* Mark Turner Meets Gary Foster - 2 CD set, Capri Records, Ltd.

* Marton Juhasz - Discovery,

* Matti Salo Quartet - Tetraktys, Luova Records

* Mike LeDonne - Partners in Time, Savant Records

* Miller Wrenn's Escapist - Alternatives,  pfMentun

* Nick Grinder - Farallon,  Outside in Music

* Pablo Lanouguere Quintet - Eclectico (self-produced)

* Pat Battstone - The Last Taxi: New Destinations, Leo Records

* Patricia Barber,  Higher,  artistShare

* Peter Lin  - New Age Old Ways, (self-produced)

* Rebecca Dumaine & Dave Miller - Chez Nous, Summit Records

* Satoko Fujii - Confluence, Libra Records

* Satoko Fujii Solo Piano -  Stone,  Libra Records

* Shahbaz Hussain & Helen Anahita Wilson - Diwan,  GoldenGirl Records

* Tom Pierson Orchestra - Last Works, auteur

* Tuomo Uusitalo  - Stories from Here and There, Fresh Sound/New Talent

* Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet - The Rhythm of Invention, Patois Records

* Yao/Smith/Hughes Sextet  - The Gates, Shifting Paradigm Records


Akiko, Hamilton, Dechter  - Equal Time, Capri Records, Ltd.

 Anthony Caceres - Something's Gotta Give, (self-produced)

Bennett Paster - Indivisible, (self-produced)

Chandra Tule  - Sapphire Dreams, PAO Records

Charlie Apicella & Iron City - Groove Machine,  OA2 Records

Chris Lomheim - Triage, Shifting Paradigm Records

Daniel Barbiero & Cristiano Bocci - Wooden Mirrors, Plus Timbre

David Kikoski - Phoenix Rising, High Note Records

Dred Scott - Rides Alone, Ropeadope Records

Ellynne Rey - The Birdsong Project, (self-produced)

Erik Snow- Liminality,  OA2 Records

Four Jazz - There You Go Thinking Again,  Hang Records

Fraim - Phraim,  QFTF

George Cables - I'm All Smiles, High Note Records

Hastings Jazz Collective - Shadow Dances, New Directions, Inc

Hazel Mitchell-Bell - Stronger Than Ever,  (self-produced)

Heinz Herbert - Yes, Trio  Intakt Records

Ian Wardenski Quintet - Collective Thoughts, (self-produced)

Keith Jarrett, J.S. Bach The Well-Tempered Clavier, ECM

Kenney Polson - For Lovers Only, (self-produced)

Kerry Kearney - Smokehouse Serenade,  DWAZ Entertainment

Lannie Battistini  - Moving On, (self-produced)

Larry Corbin - Emergence, Nabroc Records

Luca Di Luzzio - Globetrotter, Jazz Life

Marc Mezgolits  -  Mostly Love Songs, QFTF

Mark Morganelli - Brasil! Jazz Forum Records

Marlene Rosenberg - MLK Convergence,  Origin Records

Matt Olson - 789 Miles, OA2 Records

Matt Skellenger Group - Vitality,  (self-produced)

Max Peterson Trio - Divine Traces, QFTF

Mike Lee  - Songs for All of Us, IYOUWE Records

Moutin Factory Quintet, - Mythical River,  Labourie Jazz

Netherlands jazz archief

Pete McGuinness Jazz Orchestra - Along for the Ride, Summit Records

Philadelphia Heritage Art Ensemble - Crossing the Bridge 2, Heritage Sound, Inc

Ranaldo, Jarmusch, Urselli, Pandi - Trost Records

Rich Willey's Boptism Big Band - Down and Dirty, Wise Cat Records

Rodney Whitaker - Common Ground, Origin Records

Rosanna Eckert - Sailing Home,  OA2 Records

Scott Ramminger - Rise Up,  Arbor Lane Music

 Simon Sammut/Omar Vazquez - Gravity (self-produced)

Sorte! - Music by John Finbury Green Flash Music

Steve Cohn, George Haslam, Steve Kershaw - Ancient and Modern, SLAM

Steve Lipman - Hats Off,

The Dave Wilson Quartet - One Night at Chris', (self-produced)

Xavier Lecouturier - Carrier,  Origin Records