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Doctor Primitive’s Arkestra

Festival of the Unknown Presents
Doctor Primitive’s Arkestra
The Nebuloids
Tres Gone
Terry Robb
Rich Halley
Dave Leslie
Dave Storrs
Shoe Horn
Doug Haning
Nadya Kadrevis
Jeremy Shaskus
and other guests

8 pm August 4, 2016
Classic Pianos
3003 SE Milwaukie Ave, Portland, OR 97202

Door Opens at 7:30
$10 Admission
Tickets available at the door.
Reservations suggested - 503-975-5176
For more information go to cadencejazzworld.com

A communion of duets plus a special reunion of the Primitive Arkestra. Come to the altar of Dr. P and be dazzled by the assembly of performers, in a service of the sublime.

“Throughout the night, I felt Haney was proposing ‘It’s just not enough to simply perform competent bebop anymore: the audience demands theatre, ritual, performance, mystery!’ And woo yea, did they every pile that on! ... it would be well worth your while to check him out.” Bruce Greeley, Concert Review, Earshot Magazine